Dream Pad+ Wings + Easy Roller System

Connect as many mats as you like – make a Queensize Bed or even a Kingsize for the whole Family.

Why is the Tornado Dream pad selfinflating mat the best sleeping bag pad for outdoor-camping and indoor guest bed:

The special construction of the Tornado dream pad consists of 5 layers: The top and bottom of the mat is a hard-wearing, tear-resistant 210 D polyester fabric. Both layers are PVC coated, which makes the fabric waterproof and airtight. - The internal foam core consists of an open-cell polyurethane foam, which automatically fills after opening the valve with air. This is done in the simplest way by the expansion of the open-cell foam which expands like a sponge and thus sucks air into the cells. After the mat has primed itself, the inlet valve must be closed. Within the foam core, the trapped air can not move, which results in the heat emitted by the body being stored in the foam core, thus preventing it from escaping into the soil.
In the reverse case, the floor panels and moisture can not reach the body. The warm, air-filled foam core isolates in both directions - The proof does not have to be provided that standing air is the best insulator, since this is undoubtedly proven.

There is nothing in the air that can conduct the heat - STANDING AIR has a very low heat conductivity and is therefore ideally suited as ISOLATOR.

Descriptions and Features

Get creative:

Combined your own TORNADO dream-pads: Mat+Pillow+2 wings+ Easy Roller system = 195 x 87 cm – all packed in a small compression stuffbag ! 33 x 23 cm


High speed valves for the mats and the foam core-filled pillows, 2-color printing, double function blow-up valve for the tornado wings for easy and quick inflation and deflation, strong stiching technic for the compression belts!

Nicely Packed:

THE 2020 – TORNADO DREAM PADS – the new first class outdoor bed:
- Selfinflatingmat
- detachable pillow with soft-foam-filling
- detachable Side Wings – heavenly comfortable!

Create a double queen-size bed with 2 tornado dream-pads: 195 x 150 cm