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Comfort and style has been redesigned with the all new and improved Air-Chair! Inflate in a matter of seconds to sit back and relax.

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How long will the AirChair stay inflated?

After 2 hours you may notice a loss of firmness. If you want to restore it, simply roll up the opening another turn or two to top it up. Actually time of inflation will vary depending on how loaded it is.

How do you pack up the AirChair?

Deflating is the exact opposite of inflating. Undo the opening, shake the air out, roll it up starting from the non-buckle end, click it back together and slip the bag over. No hassle

What is the maximum load the AirChair can tolerate?

Testing has discovered the long AirChair will easy handle 200kg of consistent weight. Naturally this will drastically reduce the inflated time.

Is there a way to secure the AirChair in windy conditions?

There are in fact two ways. You can either use the ground peg through the loop on the base or fill the stuff bag with rocks or sand. You can then clip the buckle through the draw string to keep it down to earth.

What are the dimensions and weigh?

Weighing just 740g for the long version, AirChair is half the weight of any similar product on the market. Stored size depends on how tightly rolled it is but will average around 110mm x 160mm x 360mm in the stuff bag.

What is the AirChair made of?

Super strong, lightweight, nylon parachute fabric with special coating.

Can the fabric break on rough surfaces?

If you can get there, the AirChair can sit on it. From the beach to rocky mountains, the 190 T PU coated polyester with PU taped seams will keep the air exactly where it should be.